Best streaming service for relaxing music

Find out what streaming service that is best for listening to your relaxing music and why.

Ketil Lien

11/23/20222 min read

Searching for the best streaming platform for relaxing music.

When you finally have some time for yourself and you are searching for some relaxing music to decompress to after a long day, you have many places online to search for your music. This is not a typical review of the services, but simply my personal take on whats best after many years of experience of listening to various streaming platforms.

It is possible to choose from a wide variety of online music streaming services. Many offer access to vast catalogues of music. Some allow you to tune your music using your mobile, tablet or computers, and some of them can be downloaded for offline listening. Certain services offer free trials for new members. This allows members to test the interface and curation before purchasing a subscription. Some services, such as Spotify, have a paid ad-supported tier available for free users. Various services offer discounts if you sign up for a full year, or if you're a student. Additionally, these discounts are available to households and groups who sign up to use the service. One of the most common methods of paying is through monthly subscription fees. Audio quality varies between services. For example, Spotify’s 320kbps streams are compressed to reduce audio quality. However, some subscribers want high-quality audio without the associated costs. Tidal, Apple, Amazon and Qobuz offer subscription options that offer CD-quality or even high-resolution audio.

What service is best for relaxing music?

When considering long-term music subscriptions, it's important to investigate all services first before making a decision. This way, users can fully research which services are available before blindly signing up for a subscription. When choosing a subscription, it's harder to switch when your playlists are setup and your listening habits are established. This makes sense because once users choose a specific service, it’s difficult to switch to another one. Discover the best music streaming service for you in this article. Plus, why are these services better than others? Check it out to find out!

Best platform for listening to relaxing music is Tidal

I have tried several platforms over the years, and I have a clear favourite. When you are listening to relaxing music, quality of audio is paramount. Here you can listen to lossless music without the need of an external DAC for lossless streaming, like Apple requires. Tidal provides a high-quality music streaming experience with broad device support, improved discovery features, an extensive catalogue and immersive content. This is the best option for music fans who want to stay committed to Apple's ecosystem.

Why is Tidal best?

Tidal offers a mix of high-quality and lower-quality audio tracks. Some tracks available via their free tier are in the form of 80 million songs, which are downloaded at 160KBPS with “interruptions limited to limited education on the music industry.” Alternatively, customers can subscribe to ‘Tidal Hi-Res’ for higher quality audio without interruptions from the app. This option makes it the best solution for relaxing music. Tidal offers listening options through a browser-based player, iOS and Android apps, desktop programs and other platforms.

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